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The swimming pool enclosure with a natural look STUNNING SWIMMING POOL

Sun Abris guarantees stylish swimming pool enclosures and terraces which can be customised

We offer solutions for all types of projects, even the most daring. Our design managers base their designs on the existing surroundings and style to provide an enclosure which fits in with your home and its environment.

Our design office
dedicated to your projects

Our design and engineering office is involved in every stage of your pool and terrace enclosure project. From the initial plans drawn up after the needs analysis, our department monitors every pool and terrace enclosure at each stage in the validation process, including computer tests for strength and compliance and 3D modelling to ensure it fits in perfectly with the building and the garden and terrace landscape.


For over 30 years, Sun Abris has been cultivating its passion for wood and has extensive experience recognised by a large number of professionals


All of our wooden arches are strong and have the highest quality labels in terms of mechanical strength and moisture protection.


Natural and authentic, wood provides warmth and a friendly ambience, in keeping with current trends for the home and in architecture.


The basis of any bespoke project is an analysis of your needs and living environment to design a unique enclosure with you.

SUN ABRIS has been manufacturing enclosures since 1983 and offers a range of rigid and telescopic pool enclosures in wood which combine designer looks and functionality. With their smooth rounded shape, the wooden pool enclosures blend in perfectly with your home and garden environment. The wooden pool cover has now become a decorative feature, a technical solution for adopting any shape, or quite simply your favourite.