Sun Abris, enclosure designe

About us

The longest established manufacturer of swimming pool enclosures

Sun Abris is rooted in its love of wood: it started life as a small carpentry and joinery business founded in 1970 by M. and Mme. Olivier.
At the request of its customers, the company began specialising in swimming pool enclosures in 1983.

A wood specialist since 1970 with its carpentry and joinery business, Sun Abris diversified in response to its customers’ requests whilst continuing to work with wood. In 1979, the family business turned its hand to making wooden frame houses before producing its first swimming pool and terrace enclosures which would end up becoming its speciality several years later. Its development has been marked by several innovative products, such as the rotunda, the aquadome and later the aquahome, strengthening its expert status in glue-laminate timber adapted to large structures. The high degree of customisation, always bespoke, has made Sun Abris a company recognised by architects and design firms who regularly work with us on ambitious projects for professionals and private individuals alike.

Since 2012, the company has been part of the Abrisud group, the European leader in swimming pool enclosures. Cultivating its craftsmanship and passion for wood, today Sun Abris is aimed at European customers, both private homeowners and tourism professionals (restaurants, gîtes, campsites, etc.).

SUN ABRIS has been manufacturing enclosures since 1983 and offers a range of rigid and telescopic pool enclosures in wood which combine designer looks and functionality. With their smooth rounded shape, the wooden pool enclosures blend in perfectly with your home and garden environment. The wooden pool cover has now become a decorative feature, a technical solution for adopting any shape, or quite simply your favourite.