Enhance your home

Integration and harmony

a unique enclosure of your own

The creative minds in our design office coupled with our knowledge of wood and bending techniques means we can individually address the most specific requests and the most precise environments, to offer you a unique enclosure which reflects you and your home.

Sun Abris

A sturdy enclosure

Each enclosure undergoes tests and calculations to guarantee maximum strength and durability: they withstand snow and wind, even on very exposed sites such as at high altitude or on the coast.

Harmony of colours

Apart from the shape of the enclosure and its openings, we offer a wide array of colours for tinting or staining the wooden arches, ranging from light, bleached shades to amber, ashen or darkened hues… A variety which brings out the beauty of the different types of wood.

Sun Abris

SUN ABRIS has been manufacturing enclosures since 1983 and offers a range of rigid and telescopic pool enclosures in wood which combine designer looks and functionality. With their smooth rounded shape, the wooden pool enclosures blend in perfectly with your home and garden environment. The wooden pool cover has now become a decorative feature, a technical solution for adopting any shape, or quite simply your favourite.